Medical Webinars

Simultaneous live and online conferencing

COVID-compliant conferencing

One of our clients in the healthcare sector asked us to help them continue their series of in-person medical lectures, adding an online webinar component to an existing lecture format.

They needed to maintain their programme of academy sessions in order to continue the personal development of the healthcare professionals working within their organisation. However, COVID guidelines wouldn’t allow them to fit enough audience into their normal conference facilities to give the same experience to everybody.

This requirement of audience involvement led us to present the event in a hybrid interactive format, with interaction between streaming audiences and in-person presenters.

Because we were working at the client’s own headquarters, we maintained full COVID compliance, whilst simultaneously delivering a professional, polished product to live and online attendees.

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Streaming live and virtual events from anywhere, to anywhere.

We wanted to make it possible for leading medical specialists to be able to continue to gather, both in the flesh and online.

We designed and operated a bespoke system using branded backgrounds, multi picture-in-picture templates, robotic cameras, and push-to-talk microphone tech. This comprehensive platform allowed our client client to host a complex event as normally as possible. We supplied a moderated chat feature, plus audience polling, which allowed the remote audience to feel involved with the in-person event. Our technicians operated the entire event from a side room, allowing maximum audience occupancy in the main live presentation space.

JHAV | Tailored Technical Solutions For All Your Event Needs

Q&As, team meetings, chat, voting and polling

We regularly host events with numerous presentations to live and streaming online audiences, and this event was no exception.

This event consisted of a mix of Q&A sessions, team briefings, online voting and polling, plus Q&A portals and chat rooms. Delegates and presenters alike were able to collaborate in real-time, sharing knowledge and skills within their fields of expertise.

Using our extensive experience in online streaming, remote delegates provided full presentations to the in-person audience. This allowed the event to invite delegates who would normally have been unavailable for an entire day, as they needed only to connect for an hour or so to give their own presentation.

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