Falmouth University

Fashion showcase

The location was a concrete 1970’s multistory car park
in the centre of Truro

we had 2 levels of the car park to design and build a fashion show

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JHAV supplied all technical production for Falmouth University End of Year Fashion Show

The event took place on multiple levels of the NCP Car Park in Truro. The client brief was to create a fashion show that would encompass students walking in a circular route through multiple levels of a car park based in Truro with the audience seating located in the parking spaces on either side.



JHAV | Tailored Technical Solutions For All Your Event Needs

This concept provided its own set of unique challenges

  • The head height of only 2.1m
  • No way to position a raised catwalk
  • A venue that was exposed on all of its sides – open to the elements
  • Venue located on 6th floor of the carpark and access was only available through the ground floor entrance with height restrictions
  • Limited power supply due to a single generator positioned on the roof
  • Noise restrictions from local businesses and the car park that was still being used on other floors The client gave indications of key elements they required;
  • Lighting from all sides for the whole length of the cat walk for photos
  • Maintain the maximum head height clearance that was possible
  • Background music and announcement PA throughout the two floors
  • Additional site lighting for specific areas such as bar, back stage and venue lighting
  • Projection of the name of each collection for the audience to see
  • Site logistics support for the Event Management team.


JHAV | Tailored Technical Solutions For All Your Event Needs
Though consultation and assessment JHAV supplied a solution that included the follow
  • Concept Design, 2D and 3D plans.
  • 3D visuals to scale of the car park were created showing concepts for the solutions outlined below.
  • Names of each collection projected directly on to the concrete beams in the car park so that sight lines weren’t inhibited and the gorilla feel of the project was reinforced.
  • Three straight runs of festoon lighting were installed down the full length of each catwalk to give the illusion of a catwalk stage for the models to follow, this also meant that the head height was kept to a maximum and an even light coverage from above the models was present the full length of the runway.
  • Truss towers were erected against concrete car park columns for lighting, speakers and projectors to be positioned on.
  • A distributed PA system was spread across both floors to give maximum coverage whilst keep the noise level low and external noise levels below the threshold required.
  • Power distribution was provided around the ‘venue’ including all power requirements back stage dressing room and bar requirements were supplied and installed by JHAV.


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