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Our sustainability commitments

“The final chapter is ours to write.
We know what we need to do.
What happens next is up to us.”

David Attenborough.

Sustainability and the events industry haven’t always worked hand in hand.
From the traditional single use sets destined for landfill, to single use plastics and burning fuel to generate power.
Events haven’t always made the right impact on our planet.

JHAV | Tailored Technical Solutions For All Your Event Needs

Luckily, over the last few years, awareness of these issues has spread.

Clients, project managers and technicians have been reviewing the way they work to ensure their events don’t make an irreversible mark on the planet each time they work on one.

JHAV is in a unique environmental position. In 2023 our entire warehouse and office operations energy consumption was 82% from renewable on-site sources. We pull our power from a 1.2MW wind turbine running in conjunction with a 2-acre array of solar voltaic. We only pull energy from the grid in the winter months for extra heat and light or a busy prep day in the warehouse. And we are continuing to work with our Landlord to get that 82% even greater by introducing battery banks and full LED lighting on site.

JHAV | Tailored Technical Solutions For All Your Event Needs

What else are we committed to?

  • Working with our carbon neutral freight companies to try and be as efficient as possible in truck movements and supplier locations.
  • Using alternative reusable and recyclable set and backdrop systems.
  • Swapping cable ramp for Gaffa Tape.
  • Trialling paper tapes and wraps to replace PVC for cable management.
  • Signing up to environmental trailblazers to stay up to date with environmental success stories and gain inspiration, such as Julie’s Bicycle.
  • Working with our certified Carbon Literate staff member to explore how we can lower our carbon footprint even more.
JHAV | Tailored Technical Solutions For All Your Event Needs

What about our technology?

  • We constantly advance our inventory.
  • This allows us to keep ahead of the tech innovation curve and invest in equipment that will be working on various events for years to come.
  • We always look for reduced power consumption, lighter weight, longer shelf lives and LED light sources.

These are all things to keep this planet green for future generations to enjoy.

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