Special Projects

“You want to do what? Where? Great!”

Over the years JHAV have supported a number of very special projects, using the breadth and depth of our skill sets to bring clients’ visions to reality. Let’s take a look at some of our recent special projects.

Fathom, Atlantic Project

Production Support, Audio, Lighting, Staging

Fathom Atlantic, an art project conceived and nurtured within the aegis of The Atlantic Project, created a walk-through audio installation combining prerecorded underwater soundscapes with live sound transmitted from hydrophones concealed within Plymouth Sound, and above-surface ambient microphones. The audio and staging installation in the disused reservoir at Devil’s Point allowed audiences to ‘climb through the fathom’ and experience life both under- and above- water.

JHAV were asked by the creative team behind the Fathom Installation to help deliver a number of the technical and logistical elements of the installation. Working closely with Simon Honeywill, the technical lead for the project, we designed and implemented a four-tier ‘cross’ platform to allow the public to ascend from ‘underwater’ into the open air. The live audio element of the installation used a set of remote microphone and hydrophone transducers positioned off of Devil’s Point, transmitted from a solar-and-battery-powered remote transmission station via Dante to the control system more than 200m from the audio sources. However, such an installation is not all ‘art and tech’, and JHAV were also tasked with providing site mains, production offices and storage, safety and crowd fencing, plus trucking and maintenance solutions for the duration of the project; equally important aspects for a project open to the general public across several days.

Ryoji Ikeda, Atlantic Project

Audio, Projection, Production Support

The Atlantic Project had the opportunity to utilise a number of disused venues around Plymouth to create installations in spaces that weren’t normally accessible to the public. Working with The Media Workshop, JHAV were tasked with bringing The Milennium Building’s upstairs cinema back to life for an awe-inspiring month-long sound and visual installation by the Japanese sound artist Ryoji Ikeda. As part of the project we managed the design, signoff, and installation of a scaffolding structure to support a custom-made 15m by 8m front projection screen, supported with the installation of a d&b Q series point source system for audio playback. The installation was a great success, culminating with a live performance from Matt Emmit and Eberhard Kranemann (Kraftwerk, Neu!, Bluepoint Underground).