2D and 3D Computer Aided Design

he days of waiting for pencil-on-envelope paper sketches of your event to be delivered to your door are long gone. JHAV lead the pack in our usage of computer aided 2D and 3D design and visualisation. This allows us to rapidly iterate on changes and feedback from clients and designers alike. Tailored technical solutions – not just a tagline.

2D Design

Every great production starts with an idea. Taking this idea and building on it, drafting set designs, event floorplans, rigging plots, and more, our expertise allows you to get a feel for the form of your event, without waiting for mockups. Our skill in CAD design is not limited to conference sets and event layouts, but extends to technical disciplines as well, including audio plots, lighting rigs, connection diagrams, and more.

A screenshot of d&b audiotechnik's ArrayCalc
Planning the dispersion of a sound system for maximum evenness through the audience area.

3D Design

Let’s be honest – if your event was only in 2D, it would fall flat! 3D visualisation of your set, stage, exhibition stand, trade stall, or site plan lets you take your vision to the next level. For example, pre-visualization gives us the ability to see the show from all angles so that changes can be made before any physical cost is incurred. If saving time and money on your production design by working with professional CAD engineers sounds sensible (and it should!), give us a shout.


3D planning of loudspeaker dispersion using ArrayCalc
Once our 2D loudspeaker plans are complete, we calculate our rigging and dispersion in 3D space.


Let’s look at an example. A leading aerospace company contacted us to design and create a trade booth for them. Firstly, we started the process by discussing their needs and wants, establishing the booth size, and establishing their other requirements. Secondly, we sent over some preliminary designs for approval. After a few rounds of design and discussion via email, we sent our plans for manufacture. Our CAD design made construction and printing a cinch, reducing turnaround time and overhead, with the booth delivered well in advance of the trade show.